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Face-Ballos o Face-Ballos r
original remastered
Ballos o Ballos r
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Located in Seal Chamber (Sacred Grounds)
Health values
First form - 1000
Second form - 800
Third form - 808 (101 per eye)
Fourth/final form - 1200

Ballos (ボロス Borosu) was the brother of Jenka and uncle to Misery. In the game, he is the ultimate antagonist and final boss fought before Cave Story's "best" ending occurs.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ballos appears to be stout, with a bald head and long, defined features. In the Seal Chamber, he is seen wearing a white coat with a green outfit underneath. Two red eyes peek out against the green outfit.


Ballos is located in the Seal Chamber of the Sacred Grounds. After defeating the Heavy Press, the player must bring Quote and Curly through the hole created due to the Heavy Press' fall. When they reach the bottom floor, the player should bring them to the door on the far right and enter the Long Corridor. An encounter with Ballos' puppy allows Quote and Curly to pass through the corridor and enter the Seal Chamber.


Ballos lived at the same time a king was ruling over the land. Like Jenka, Ballos possessed magical powers and used these for the benefit of the people. He became well-received and grew in popularity over the king. As a result of their admiration for Ballos, the king became jealous and imprisoned Ballos. Ballos was brutally tortured, to the point where he allowed his magical powers to rampage. Ballos destroyed the king and reduced the kingdom to ashes.

Jenka saw her brother's actions and eventually exiled him to the floating island, unable to kill her own brother. At some point, Ballos created the Demon Crown under Misery's forced orders. Subsequently, Misery was cursed by the Crown, along with Ballos.

Boss formsEdit

The player fights Ballos as the final boss for the "best" ending. When approached for the first time, Ballos introduces himself to Quote and Curly, anticipating his defeat.

Ballos has three major forms, the final part being two subphases. The player is required to deplete his health metre fully for each form. When one form is defeated, the next one appears almost immediately, with a fully restored health bar.

Flying around the top of the Seal Chamber, Green Devils appear at the start of Ballos' second form and can be killed for extra weapon energy, hearts and missile ammunition. New devils replace ones that get destroyed.

First formEdit

Ballos will immediately start off by charging at you repeatedly very fast and slams onto the ground, making bones jump out. If he's still alive after awhile, he'll send thunder at you (there are crosshairs for this so when you see one, be quick and dodge when possible). And then after a while you will see a lot of crosshairs appear do your best to stand between them. Your best weapon of choice here would most likely be the Nemesis, as there is no energy crystal during this fight. Spur and Snake are also solid choices, as they have decent range as well as good damage output. The Blade is not recommended, no matter how good an idea it might seem, as it has a poor range and getting near him is risky because he moves very fast.

Attack patternsEdit

1: Dashing at you horizontally, then vertically, then horizontally again, then vertically again. If he is going downwards on his final lunge, bones will roll along the ground in an easy-to-dodge shockwave doing 8 damage. If he's going up, bones will rain from the sky instead. He does this four times. Touching him while he's lunging does 10 damage; touching him while he's standing still does 3 damage. This stage is where you'll damage him the most. It's possible to kill him before this stage finishes.

2: Flies up into the air, hovers for a bit, and then sends six bolts of lightning at you. They're easy to dodge thanks to the Booster 2.0 and do 10 damage. You can damage him while he's hovering before he fires; there's a good five seconds there at least.

3: Sends a wave of several lightning bolts at you. These are easier to dodge, but will most likely make you panic, try not to as you'll have a greater chance of being hit. One of the most important tips in this fight is to try to panic as little as possible.

Second formEdit

After Ballos sustains enough damage, he charges straight for the ceiling (green devils also suddenly appear). He'll then crash down to the ground, transformed into a gigantic boulder-like creature. His weak spot is eye. This is most likely the easiest form to fight as long as you have the Spur or Super Missile Launcher. Charge up your Spur to MAX and when Ballos pauses, release the Spur shot right in the eye. If you did it right, then the shot will go right through the other side of his face, and Ballos will take severe damage. Killing him without it takes much longer, giving you more time to make mistakes and take damage. In this phase, Ballos doesn't cause any contact damage; You could stand on him all day if you want to, but when he jumps up, you might get knocked off by the green devils. Note that missiles are extremely effective against Ballos' second form and final form. By quickly jumping during one of his pauses and standing next to his eye, it is possible to take over half of his life by spamming Lv. 3 Super Missile Launcher repeatedly. Just be sure to conserve them for the following forms. If you don't want to use missiles, or you don't have enough missles to kick off Ballos's last 2 forms, when Ballos pauses, boost up and stand right next to Ballos' eyes. It doesn't matter which eye you stand on, but once you get in that position, spam the Lvl. 1 Nemesis on Ballos. If you mash the fire button at faster rate, you can deal well over 200 damage to Ballos. You can also spam the level 2 King's sword, but it won't work as well. If you are running low on health, the green devils flying around the top of the area are very useful, as they leave hearts very frequently when destroyed.

Attack PatternEdit

There's a moment just after the boss battle starts where he's damageable but isn't moving yet. Perfect time for a charged Spur shot.

1: He jumps upwards at you. When he lands, he sends out a wave of bones similar to the 1st phase. If he lands on you, he does 16 damage, so avoid that.

2: After the every third jump, he pauses, enabling you to jump on next to his eye (white or red; it doesn't matter), and send out a fully charged Spur shot, which damages both eyes. Unless you're very fast and accurate with the booster, you should probably only try to attack him at these times.

Final formEdit

Ballos will then spawn out many eyes for protection against your attacks. Shoot them to make them all close up their eyes, rendering them invincible. Ballos moves around the walls and ceiling, dropping down skulls. The main body does no contact damage, but the eyes do 14 damage, so you'll need to try extra hard to avoid them. The Spur and Super Missiles are solid choices for this phase, but try to conserve some missles for Ballos' last form.

After all of the eyeballs are closed, the platforms will appear. Jump on them quickly; the spikes will rise! He then shows a grotesque form, that has his facial features giving way to what appears to be screaming people and skulls, perhaps as a reference to all the people Ballos killed. The Green Devils will be replaced by unlimited hordes of red-faced Butes that act as a combination of the flying Butes and the arrow Butes from Sacred Ground, the eyes will still prevent you from making much damage to him. You can shoot off four of them but you'd best be careful; they'll be bouncing all over the room! The eyes that are still circling around Ballos will deal 10 damage, and the eyes that bounce across the room deal 5. Ballos also spawn red-faced Butes from his face.

One common speedrunning trick that most people do is take damage from the spikes (Before Ballos cracks open and begins the final phase) without Super Missile Launcher, then boost up and onto Ballos's eye, unharmed by the invincibility buffer. Afterwards, the moment Ballos begins his last phase (When you hear a loud noise and Ballos cracks open) spam the Lvl. 3 Super Missile Launcher right in Ballos's eye. You only need 12 ammo in order to do this fully, and Ballos will be gone before you know it. If not, ignore everything else, stand underneath him regardless of the spikes and eyes, and blast whatever you like as fast as you can up at him. The spikes do little damage, 2, to be exact, so as long as you have enough HP to withstand in the spikes, do that. If you don't like taking damage from the spikes, or if you don't have sufficent HP, stand on the moving platforms and attack Ballos from there. If you have the Lvl 3 Blade after all this trouble, you can use it on Ballos and if will deal good damage to Ballos and the eyes. However, arrows from the Butes and the bouncing eyes pose a threat because even the slightest hit will de-level the Blade.


Once Ballos is defeated, the Nikumaru Counter stops and the player hears the words of Ballos' pain (HOT... HOT... CAN'T BREATHE... SO PAINFUL... HOT... IT HURTS...) The walls attempt to crush Quote and Curly as a last resort. Then Balrog jumps in to save the two robots, and smashes his way through the ceiling as the walls come together. Quote, Curly, and Balrog decide to live in a peaceful place with a view, and the credits roll as Balrog flies them there.


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