Basu o Remastered Basu sprite
Original Remastered
Location Egg Corridor Egg Corridor?
Health 16 HP
Attack(s) Fires green bullets
Damage dealt 4 HP
Credits description
The big flyer

Basu (バス Basu) are flying enemies found in the Egg Corridor and Egg Corridor?.

Physical appearanceEdit

Basu appear to be larger versions of the beetles, with a similar body shape and colour palette. Their eyes, instead of white like the beetles, are red. White can only be visible on the outermost part of their wings, facing away from their head. Below their head is what is presumed to be spikes[citation needed].

Halloween modeEdit

The Halloween mode in the WiiWare version of Cave Story adds a pair of red glasses and a red cape on the basu.

Attack patternsEdit

Basu begin to follow Quote's general direction when he first passes the save point leading to the first visible Life Capsule. As they approach Quote, they attack by firing green orbs towards him. These orbs cause Quote to take 4 HP of damage and can travel through walls, similar to that of the beetles' behaviour, but the orbs dissolve upon contact with the ground.


Basu fly into view alongside groups of beetles. Usually, two or three of them can be found amongst a beetle swarm. Basu fly in a similar formation of the beetles, tracking Quote's direction while attacking him with bullets. Unlike beetles and bullets, however, basu are not able to travel through walls. When they hit a surface of any kind, they will move back and forth in an attempt to pass through while continuing to fire bullets. This maneuver can prevent the basu from following Quote as he ventures farther into the Egg Corridor.

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