Bosses are enemies with a health bar and have a pattern of attacks or stages of attacks. They are often fought in an enclosed space that the player cannot exit until they defeat the boss.

Bosses Edit

Bosses are listed by order of appearance in the game.

Name Location(s) Remarks
Balrog Mimiga Village, Bushlands, Labyrinth The Mimiga Village battle is optional.
Fought twice in Bushlands; the second time as Balfrog.
Igor Egg Corridor Captures Sue. Also appears as a basic enemy on the Balcony.
Balfrog Gum Balrog when transformed by Misery to a frog-like monster.
Curly Brace Sand Zone Guards the Sand Zone Residence.
Omega Sand Zone Required to move the Sun Stones.
Rabid Toroko Warehouse Toroko, fed with Red flowers by Doctor.
Pooh Black Clinic Ruins Required to pick up the Cure-All
Monster X End of Labyrinth W When defeated transforms to a cat
Core Core area Core of the island. Fought with Curly Brace
Ironhead Main Artery If defeated without taking damage, the player receives the Alien Medal.
Sisters Egg Observation Room? They are an optional boss fight. Collecting the missile expansion is required in order to summon them.
Ma Pignon Storage Room Required in order to return Curly's memory
Red Ogre Last Cave Hidden The player receives the Medal of the Red Ogre after defeating this boss.
Misery King's Throne
Doctor King's Table
Muscle Doctor King's Table The second form of the Doctor.
Undead Core Black Space The risen core of the island.
Heavy Press Blood Stained Sanctuary Found at the end of B3 of the Blood Stained Sanctuary.
Ballos Seal Chamber Final boss of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Up to nine boss battles can be skipped if the Sisters and first Balrog battle are avoided, and the bad ending is attained.
  • The only two Bosses that drop Exp. Crystals when defeated are the first Balrog and the Red Ogre.

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