Buyobuyo o Remastered Buyobuyo sprite
Original Remastered
Location Labyrinth
Health 3 HP
Damage dealt 3 HP

Buyobuyos (ぶよぶよ Buyobuyo) are enemies encountered in the Labyrinth of Cave Story.

Physical appearanceEdit

Buyobuyos have an amoeba-like appearance. Similar to the buyobuyo bases, they are blue in colour with a single bright red dot in the centre of their bodies.

Game informationEdit

Buyobuyos are the attacking counterpart of buyobuyo bases. Found in the Labyrinth past the Boulder Chamber, buyobuyos are spawned from a base when Quote approaches the base. The buyobuyos emerge, and begin to move towards Quote. If they make contact with him, he loses 3 HP of health. At the same time, a buyobuyo's total health is 3 HP.

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