Challenges are time based mods that can be played and beaten independently of Story Mode in Cave Story+. Most challenges require completing a certain task in order to unlock them.


Boss Attack Options screen

The screen that is displayed when a challenge is selected and has previously been beaten.

Challenges can be accessed by selecting the "Challenges..." option from the main menu screen. This brings up a list of all the challenges that can be played. Challenges that are locked will have their option displayed as a series of question marks.

When a challenge is selected, the player is presented with another menu that allows them to proceed with the chosen mod or cancel and return to the challenge selection list. If the player has previously attempted or beaten a challenge, additional options let the player view a recording of their most recent playthrough or most successful run, if the player has beaten that challenge. Their fastest completion time will also be shown, with that particular challenge's options surrounding it.

Starting a challenge automatically records gameplay, and overrides the most recent run.

Challenges Edit

  • Machine Gun Challenge - The player is equipped with the Machine Gun and Booster V2.0 and has to complete the Egg Race as fast as possible. This is the only challenge that is unlocked when the player has not yet attempted Story Mode.
  • Nemesis Challenge - The player is given a Nemesis, Map System and Booster v0.8. The player traverses through three areas: the Underside, where the Booster 2.0 is acquired, the Leeward Side and The Vents, where fans are present. This challenge is unlocked after acquiring the Nemesis.

Requires "Best" endingEdit

These challenges require obtaining the "best" ending in order to unlock them.

  • Sanctuary Time Attack - The player is challenged to complete the Blood Stained Sanctuary in its entirety without using the Missile Launcher. They are, however, allowed to hold the Blade and Nemesis at the same time.
  • Boss Attack - Quote is placed in an open area with various doors that lead to each of the bosses. The goal of this challenge is to defeat every boss in the least amount of time possible. Capsules can provide fifty-nine energy crystals worth of experience and are found scattered around the outside. Various chests allow the player to receive items and weapons like the Booster. Any weapon trades are handled by the Cthulu in the area.
  • Wind Fortress - The player has to rescue Curly Brace from the G-CLONE and an army of Curly robot clones.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on the last played difficulty setting, Quote's color will be altered. If the player previously selected Hard Mode, no Life Capsules will appear in any of the challenges.