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Charcoal o Charcoal r
Original Remastered
Location Bushlands
Purpose Necessary to create a bomb
Inventory description

Removed from a fireplace

Taken from a fireplace.

The Charcoal (木炭 Mokutan) is a temporarily held item necessary to create a bomb in the Bushlands.

Physical appearanceEdit

The Charcoal appears to be rectangular, and is darker on its underside. A small piece has broken off on the player's left side. Some smoke is seen on the left side of the bigger portion.


Obtaining this item requires the player to hold the Jellyfish Juice in their inventory. Once they have the juice, they can go to Santa's House and extinguish Santa's fireplace. The Charcoal will be found within the ashes and is automatically picked up. Talking to Santa after acquiring the charcoal causes him to ask Quote what he is going to use the charcoal for.


The Charcoal is not used directly by the player, but given, instead, to Malco, who is found in the Power Supply Room. It is only handed over once the player has all the necessary bomb ingredients. Following the Charcoal's collection, it no longer appears in Santa's fireplace.

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