The Colons, known as Korons in the Aeon Genesis translation (コロンズ Koronzu), are a group of four Mimiga orphans that are taken care of by Curly Brace, who acts as a mother to them. The Colons care for Curly very much and even try helping her in her fight with Quote, though they are not very good at fighting.

The Colons are later captured by the Doctor, along with the other Mimiga. Curly later states that she could not save them, meaning that the Colons are either trapped in cages or mutated into Rabils.

Trivia Edit

  • Their names are mentioned in Curly's Story during the dialogue after a fight with the Core. Curly asks Misery if the Colons are safe.
  • The Colons follow the theme naming that Quote and Curly Brace follow, being named after a punctuation mark.
  • In the ending images, its shown that one from the Colons fights alongside Curly using a frying pan.
  • The Colon's Halloween outfit is based off of Quote.

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