The Core area (コア Koa) is a location next to the Labyrinth. It contains an item that affects the player's ability to obtain one of the three endings.

Synopsis Edit

Quote and Curly are almost out of the Labyrinth, but the exit is blocked, so they continue on to the Core area. Many doors block the way forward, so Quote needs to jump up the platform and activate the computer. However, Blast Door 4 is malfunctioning, so he needs to shoot it several times (with any weapon) to make it budge. One final door remains, so Quote needs to go back and lower the lift via the computer, and then go through a small body of water and activate the next computer, opening the final door.

Surface Robot

The surface robot that had awakened

Past the door is the expanse of the room. In the bottom-right corner of the room is a sparkling spot, where Quote will get the Tow Rope if he didn't get the Booster v0.8. The towrope is needed to fight Ballos. Talk to Curly, who will remark how mangled all the robots around her are, and the one in front of her will activate. It will tell Quote and Curly it is impossible to defeat the "target" with the currently equipped firepower. He then yells "RETREAT! RETREAT!!" and explodes, knocking Curly unconscious.

The Core awakens afterward. It is very possible to drown here, for the fluctuating water raises very high and may fully flood the room at times. After Quote and Curly defeat the Core, Misery warps in, warning them that if they destroy the Core, The Island will fall. The Doctor teleports in after her, telling Misery to warp the Core to the lab, and they all disappear.

After this scene, the Tow Rope will no longer be available as Curly now stands where it would have been, thus it should be picked up beforehand if you're trying to get the best ending. The water level floods the room entirely, causing Quote to run out of air and black out. Curly panics and gives Quote her air tank to save him. When Quote wakes up, he finds her unconscious. If he has the Tow Rope, he can bring her along and save her. Otherwise, he can leave her to die. After leaving the area, the large blast door will permanently close.