The Cure-All (万能薬 Mannouyaku) is a temporarily held item in the Labyrinth.

Appearance Edit

The Cure-All has a long oval shape. The left half is orange in the remastered sprite, while the original is blue. The other half is white. There appears to be some writing on its right side in the remastered sprite.

Collection Edit

The Cure-All is found in a chest in the Clinic Ruins. Upon opening the chest, the Cure-All is received, but the player is forced to defeat Puu Black before they are permitted to exit.

Function Edit

The Cure-All is handed over to Dr. Gero in the Camp, presumably used to heal Curly Brace based on its inventory description. Once the Cure-All is given, Quote needs to talk to Curly Brace. Both actions are necessary to make her appear at the Boulder Chamber and proceed with the game.