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Curly's Panties
Curly's Panties
ZnoktAdded by Znokt

Found behind a wall. Green panties with a cute little red insignia. They have no use.

Curly's Panties (カーリーパンティー Kārīpantī) is an item from Cave Story. They are found in the Side Room in the Sand Zone Residence. In the original game, they have no use and are only in the game for the humor of the player. However, in Cave Story+, the WiiWare and 3DS download versions finding them unlocks Curly Story, a mode in which you play as Curly Brace in place of Quote. They can still be found in Curly Story, and are labeled "Your Panties," leading one to wonder how Quote found them to begin with.


  • In the original game, they are traditional bikini-cut panties. However, in the updated graphics setting of Cave Story+, they are side-tie style.
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