Delete o Delete r
Original Remastered
Location Blood Stained Sanctuary
Health 31 HP
Damage dealt 12 HP
Abilities Detonates after being defeated
Credits description
Blocks passage

Deletes, known as Deleets in the Aeon Genesis translation (デリート Derīto) are enemies found in the Blood Stained Sanctuary of Cave Story.

Physical appearanceEdit

Deleets are octagonal with a dark grey base colour. A red eye is in the centre of the shape, with red outlined triangles radiating from it.

Game informationEdit

Deleets are usually found sandwiched between blocks forming a wall. In places where they are encountered, they mostly occupy the only available opening that Quote can pass through. As a result, they need to be destroyed in order to proceed to the next enclosed area of the Blood Stained Sanctuary.

After sustaining damage equal to 31 HP, the deleet commences a five second countdown before it self destructs, triggering an outward explosion. If Quote is caught in the blast, he loses 12 HP of health. In the DSi and 3DS ports, however, deleets do not cause him any harm.

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