Dragon Zombie
Dragon Zombie o Dragon Zombie r
Original Remastered
Location Egg Corridor?
Health 51 HP
Attack(s) Fireballs
Damage dealt 10 HP
Credits description

'Failed hatch'

'Hatching failure'

Dragon zombies (ドラゴンゾンビ Doragon Zonbi) are enemies in the Egg Corridor?. They are the "living" carcasses of baby Sky Dragons that were killed as a result of the explosion.

Physical appearanceEdit

Dragon zombies are turquoise in colour, similar to that of the Undead Core. They have a white underbelly and red eyes that cry blood. Their tails, ears and feet are also the same shade of blue. The head is perceptively bigger than the rest of their body.


Dragon zombies are found around egg chambers. They remain in one spot for the duration of their appearance in the game, and will turn to face Quote on the side that is closest to them.

Periodically, dragon zombies open their mouths to let out a stream of fireballs in a position that Quote was once in. These fireballs cannot pass through walls, and dissolve on contact upon them. Contact with a dragon zombie or its attacking fireballs causes Quote to lose damage equal to 10 HP.

Defensive techniquesEdit

The player must deal damage worth 51 HP to kill a dragon zombie. This can be done with a single maximum charge blast from the Spur or a level 3 Super Missile Launcher. A dragon zombie can also be killed from falling stalactites if it is positioned under a loose one that Quote himself can pass from below.

When a dragon zombie is killed, it collapses to the ground and becomes a dragon carcass like the ones found earlier on the journey through the Egg Corridor?. Instead of multiple experience points, Dragon Zombies leave behind one large experience point (worth 20).