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Fireball o Fireball r
Original Remastered
Ammunition Unlimited
Location Santa's House (Bushlands)
Inventory description

Its projectiles bounce on the ground.
Quite useful on slopes.

Bounces along the floor.
Rather powerful on gentle slopes.

Associated weapons
Trade with Polar Star for - Snake

The Fireball (ファイアボール Faiabōru) is the second required weapon in Cave Story. It is received as a gift from Santa.


After obtaining Santa's Key and returning it to Santa, he will invite Quote into his house to give him a gift. Upon talking to Santa in his home, he gives the Fireball.


The Fireball is the only weapon whose shots are affected by gravity. Once a fireball hits the ground, it bounces several times before disappearing. Its shots are capable of traveling up slopes, notably those in the Bushlands.

Each shot of the Fireball launches two fireballs that deal combined damage. The Fireball can pierce enemies if the enemy is not killed by the initial damage done by the first fireball, though this happens more quickly than if the enemy was destroyed. The level 2 and 3 forms can deal additional damage with each Fireball.

Level Behaviour Damage (HP) XP to level up/MAX
1 Fires a small yellow fireball. Maximum two shots on-screen at once. 2 HP x2 10
2 Fires a red fireball with an added trail. Maximum three shots on-screen. 3 HP x2 20
3 Fires a blue fireball. Maximum four shots on-screen. 3 HP x2 20

Available trades and upgradesEdit

The player can hand their Polar Star to Chaba, along with their Fireball, at the Labyrinth shop. Chaba will ask Quote if he can take a look at both weapons. By allowing him permission, Chaba takes and combines them to form the Snake. This weapon combines similar behaviors of both the Polar Star and Fireball, and can go through walls.


  • The game requires the player to visit Santa's house and obtain the Fireball. If they try to visit Chako's house before receiving the Fireball, Chako will ask Quote if he has met Santa yet.
  • The way that the fireballs bounce once hitting a surface, might be a reference to the fireballs in the Super Mario Bros. series. In fact, the level 1 Fireball is exactly identical to the SMB one!

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