Fuzz o Remastered Fuzz sprite
Original Remastered
Location Labyrinth and Waterway
Health 8 HP
Damage dealt 1 HP
Abilities Homing
Credits description
Gaudi spirit

Fuzzes (ファズ Fazu) are Gaudi spirits found in the Labyrinth.

Physical appearanceEdit

Fuzzes appear circle shaped and are mostly white in colour, with some pink undershades to them. They have two small bright blue eyes, located at the top of their circular bodies.

Game informationEdit

Fuzzes are only found in last stretch of the Labyrinth after the Boulder Chamber, close to the entrance to the Dark Place. They are always seen surrounding Fuzz Cores. Upon contact with a fuzz, Quote loses 1 HP. To kill one, the player must damage it with 8 HP.


Fuzzes surrounding the fuzz core remain in their current position, hovering in the air. As they are killed, they expose the fuzz core, increasing the player's likeliness of destroying the fuzz core before the remaining fuzzes are eliminated. If the fuzz core is destroyed first, any remaining fuzzes surrounding the core that was killed will immediately attack Quote by moving towards him in a swing-like motion. This action continues until the fuzzes are killed or Quote enters through a teleporter or door.

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