Gunfish o Remastered Gunfish sprite
Original Remastered
Location Plantation
Health 32 HP
Attack(s) Projectiles
Damage dealt 3 HP (projectiles)
Credits description
Stepping stone

Gunfish (ガンフィッシュ Ganfisshu) are enemies found in the Plantation.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gunfish are blue coloured with a pale underbelly. Their bellies are round and puff out when their mouths open.

Game informationEdit

Gunfish appear in the lower waters of the Plantation. They float at the surface, with only a part of their mouth above water. A gunfish is vulnerable to any weapon attack.

When a gunfish sees Quote, it will shoot out a stream of round projectiles in an arc. If Quote gets hit by one, he loses 3 HP. Gunfish can also be used as temporary platforms that Quote can jump onto without taking damage.

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