Jenka (ジェンカ Jenka) is an elderly witch, the mother of Misery, and the sister of Ballos. She is a resident of the Sand Zone, living with her five pet puppies.

Hundreds of years prior to the events of the game, Jenka and Ballos were citizens of a distant kingdom on the Surface, where they used their magic to help those in need.

History Edit

The King of the Land feared that Jenka's brother, Ballos, was more trusted and popular among the people than he was, and out of jealousy had Ballos arrested and tortured. However, Ballos was driven insane, and he destroyed the kingdom with ease.

Jenka was able to restrain her brother, and she took him to the Island because she could not bring herself to kill him. Jenka then constructed a Labyrinth in the center of the Island, and instructed the local Gaudi, a race of roach-like creatures, to guard the Core that kept the Island afloat.

Jenka guards the Sand Zone's storehouse, within which lay the last seeds of the Red Flowers, which Jenka knows can be used on the Mimiga to create a powerful mutant army.

Trivia Edit

  • Jenka is named after "Letkajenkka", a Finnish folk dance and musical score.
    • An excerpt of Letkajenkka is in the soundtrack, called Jenka 1.
    • An upbeat remix of the same tune can be heard during earlier sections of the Labyrinth, named Jenka 2.