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Cave Story+ Jukebox Mode

The Jukebox Mode in Cave Story+

Jukebox Mode is a main menu mode in the DSi, 3DS eShop and Nintendo Switch versions that allow players to listen to all the tracks of Cave Story in a single place. This mode is also available in Cave Story+ if a player beats the Blood Stained Sanctuary with a time of three minutes or less.

Tracks must be heard in-game before they are unlocked.

Trivia Edit

  • In Cave Story+, you can change the character depending on which track is playing. Playing Safety will replace the character with Sue, playing Main Theme will change the character with Quote, playing Running Hell will replace the character with Curly, playing Toroko's Theme will replace the character with Toroko and lastly, playing White will replace the character with King.
  • When you boot up the game in Cave Story+, Safety is always set as the default track.
  • To unlock "White" and "Toroko's Theme" in the Cave Story 3DS eShop, Blood Stained Sanctuary needs to be beaten in under 5 minutes and Boss Attack needs to be finished.
  • The only way to unlock "White" in the DSi version is beat the hell or the Time Attack under 4 minutes
  • In 29th April one Hidden song can be founded in Cave Story+ and WiiWare versions in the "New Soundtrack" due to Pixel birthday, that song is the Main theme of "Ikachan" (Another game of pixel) remixed with Cave Story instruments
  • By getting the Best Ending on Cave Story's 3DS eShop release, the player will unlock every track, regardless of if they heard it or not. For example, they could unlock Hero's End even without getting the Bad Ending.

Track list Edit