The Life Pot (ライフポット Raifu Potto) is an item that is acquired in the Sand Zone.

Appearance Edit

The Life Pot is shown to be a transparent jar with a white heart outlined in red inside. Smaller sized red substances surround the heart.

Collection Edit

Sand Zone Edit

The Life Pot can be obtained in Jenka's House in the Sand Zone. Upon entering the home with the final puppy, the player will encounter Balrog, who takes the storehouse key and disappears. The player can then deliver the last puppy to Jenka and receive the Life Pot after she takes her pet back.

Alternatively, the player can exit Jenka's House after Balrog's cutscene plays and go to the Storehouse without talking to Jenka. The player can proceed with the Rabid Toroko battle and be carried off to the Labyrinth as they would with the Life Pot. Once Quote returns to Mimiga Village, he can head back to Arthur's House to teleport to the Sand Zone. When Quote talks to Jenka at this point, she will give him the Life Pot and tell him that he can come back to get another one if he needs to. The Life Pot can be collected from Jenka again once it is used.

Plantation Edit

The player can receive the Life Pot from the puppy that appears in the Plantation following the construction of the rocket. If the player does not have a Life Pot at this point, they can get it from this dog, along with a Life Capsule, which would normally be given if the player already holds the Life Pot. The puppy is seen sitting on a high platform near the passageway with presses leading to the Last Cave.

Function Edit

The Life Pot is activated from the inventory upon examining it. A prompt will appear, asking the player if they want to use the Life Pot. When the "Yes" option is selected, the Life Pot restores Quote's health to its maximum. It disappears from the inventory upon being used, but another can be received if the player talks to Jenka if they did not get a Life Pot in the Sand Zone before going to the Labyrinth.