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Mimiga Mask
Mimiga Mask o Mimiga Mask r
Original Remastered
Location Plantation
Purpose Disguises Quote
Inventory description

A mask made by Momorin Sakamoto. It's kinda big for you...

A Mimiga mask that Sue's mother made. It's a bit big.

The Mimiga Mask (ミミガーのマスク Mimigā no Masuku) is an item acquired in the Plantation.

Physical appearanceEdit

The Mimiga Mask is in the same round shape that matches Quote's face. Dark shapes on the mask indicate a place for eyes and a mouth. In the original graphics, the eyes appear to be closed, while the remastered seems to show them open. An ear appears on either side of the face, whose height slightly exceeds the height of the mask.

On Halloween, the Mimiga mask becomes a carved pumpkin mask (Nintendo eShop version).


The Mimiga Mask is given to Quote in the hideout by Momorin Sakamoto before she sends him away to collect parts for the rocket. In the process, she also takes away his Booster, claiming she has to borrow it for a while.


When the Mimiga Mask is in the player's inventory, Quote will always have it equipped. The mask serves as a disguise, allowing most characters to see Quote as a Mimiga working in the Plantation. This allows him to collect the sprinklers from the working Mimiga, who would formerly not talk to him in his robot appearance.

Following the rocket's completion, Quote can talk to Momorin to get back his Booster, but loses the Mimiga Mask in the process.

Affected eventsEdit

Several characters, when spoken to before constructing the rocket, perceive Quote as a Mimiga with the mask on. Such figures include Professor Booster, who apologises to Quote for the destruction humans have brought to the island and Curly Brace, who comments on how cute he looks and warns him to stay away from "killer robots".


If the player chooses not to talk to Momorin after the rocket's completion and proceeds to the Last Cave, some events and places are modified to complement Quote's appearance. The player can progress with the item to get an ending similar to that of the secondary ending. When Quote enters the Last Cave with the Mimiga Mask, the Last Cave's design resembles that of the one with the Booster v0.8's, except there are fans that allow upwards propulsion where the Booster would have been needed. In the Throne Room, Misery comments on Quote's appearance, along with Santa and Chako, who are encountered at the King's Table.

Once the player completes the game with the Mimiga Mask, they will be shown the end-game credits with Quote wearing the mask. Players who complete the game on Cave Story+, regardless of difficulty, will earn the Mimiga Hero achievement.

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