The Mushroom Badge (きのこバッジ Kinoko Bajji) is an item acquired in the Storage Room in Mimiga Village.

Appearance Edit

The Mushroom Badge is a tan colour with its features outlined in brown and shaped like a mushroom. Two eyes appear to be visible, one on either side of its "head". In the remastered graphics, the mushroom head appears to be more curved on the sides than the original, and its eyes have a white tint to them.

Collection Edit

Before visiting the cemetery, Quote must first talk to the Cthulhu in the Plantation, who speaks to him about a mushroom that supposedly has the power to restore memories. Subsequently, the player should return back to Mimiga Village and visit the cemetery. They should then go through the entrance found on a higher ledge that was not possible to reach with jumping alone.

Upon going inside, the player arrives at the Storage, where Ma Pignon is encountered. The mushroom, when hearing about Curly's amnesia, asks Quote if he wants to receive the Mushroom Badge. The player has to carry through a procedure of Yes/No questions that, if answered correctly, will give Quote the Mushroom Badge.

Function Edit

The Mushroom Badge serves no formal use to the player. After inspecting the badge from the inventory, Ma Pignon will in the next interaction confess that the badge is not real and decide to fight Quote to prevent being eaten.

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