Orangebell o Orangebell r
Original Remastered
Location Plantation
Health 64 HP
Damage dealt 2 HP
Credits description
Mother bat

Orangebell (オレンジベル Orenjiberu) is an enemy found in the Plantation and the Inner Wall.

Physical appearanceEdit

Orangebell appears to be a larger form of the bats, except it has a wider face and smaller wings in proportion to its body. It has two small white eyes and an orange mouth in the shape of a smile.

Game informationEdit

Orangebell is located in the Plantation, near the entrance. It is always seen accompanied by bats. An orangebell is also encountered below the door leading to the Outer Wall.

Orangebell flies in a horizontal path, and unlike the bats, it will not dive down on Quote when he walks underneath.

3D appearanceEdit

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Orangebell can also be seen at the Inner Wall, exclusive to Cave Story 3D.