Red Crystal

The Red Crystal is an object created by the Doctor using the substance that gives the red flowers power. It possesses all the qualities of the red flowers, giving those affected by it immense power and potentially enraging them, taking away their ability to reason. Unlike the flowers, however, which only have an effect on Mimiga, the crystal is usable by humans.

With the Red Crystal under his power, the Doctor is able to teleport and fire red energy blasts. After losing control of the crystal and becoming enraged, as the Muscle Doctor, he increases in size, strength, and agility. The Crystal is also impervious to all attacks and can be used as a shield.

After the Doctor is defeated, he disintegrates into red particles. Despite no longer having a human form, the power of the Crystal sustains him. In this form, the Doctor is able to enrage Sue and Misery and possess the Undead Core. The Red Crystal is presumably destroyed along with the Doctor when Quote defeats the Undead Core.

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