Cave Story+ Time Attack Weapons screen

A selection of different weapons in the starting area of Sanctuary Time Attack.

Sanctuary Time Attack is a challenge mode that is unlockable upon getting the "Best" ending. The challenge is to play through the entirety of the Blood Stained Sanctuary, but with a limited weapon selection.

Items Edit

The room includes a refill terminal and two Life Capsules that grant an additional HP of 26 each. Upon entering the first room, Quote will encounter a series of chests, containing weaponry in this order:

Unlike the Blood Stained Sanctuary in Story Mode, Time Attack allows players to have both the Nemisis and Blade at the same time, though the Polar Star and Spur weapons may not be used simultaneously. The Missle Launcher, Machine Gun and Snake weapons are not included.

The player starts out with the 290 Counter and the Booster v2.0, which is equipped automatically. The timer does not initiate until the player descends into the next room, where the first room of the Blood Stained Sanctuary would start in Story Mode.

Requirements Edit

To access the Sanctuary Time Attack Challenge, the player has to beat Story mode and obtain the "Best" ending. Time Attack will be unlocked along with the other previously locked Challenges.

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