The Statue Chamber is a room which can be entered from the Passage? area. The room has a line of statues which present the people who used to own, or owns the Demon Crown at present time. A Droll called Numahachi carves these statues, whose only dialogue is '...'. It is in the process of carving the Doctor's. After Heavy Press is defeated, coming here will reveal that Numahachi is not here, and the statue of the Doctor is finished. The inscription bears his real name, Fuyuhiko Date. This is the only place in the game his real name is revealed.

The owners of the Demon Crown were Halder, Anatupone, Miakido, and Fuyuhiko Date (the Doctor).

Trivia Edit

  • If Quote does enough damage to the statues by shooting them, the statues will break and reveal statues of the heroes: instead of Halda, Annachponae, Miakido and the Doctor will be Quote, Toroko, King and Curly Brace, respectively. The statues also leave behind experience, hearts or missiles.

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