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Turbocharge o Turbocharge r
Original Remastered
Location Labyrinth
Purpose Increases Machine Gun's recharge rate
Inventory description

No info yet

Increases the rate at which the machine gun replenishes ammo.

The Turbocharge (ターボチャージ Tābochāji) is a weapon enhancing item found in the Labyrinth.

Physical appearanceEdit

The Turbocharge appears in a capsule with red ends. Three isosceles triangles appear in a row, with their shortest sides oriented to the right.


The Turbocharge can only be obtained if the player has the Machine Gun in their possession. When Quote visits the Labyrinth Shop with the gun, he can talk to Chaba who will be seen at a counter far inside the shop. Chaba will notice the Machine Gun and give him the Turbocharge.


The Turbocharge is automatically equipped when added to the player's inventory. As the player uses the Machine Gun, the Turbocharge increases the rate at which the weapon regenerates lost ammunition after letting go of the fire key. The player has to wait less for the Machine Gun to recharge with the item.

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