I got Cave Story+ for Christmas. Open it, and see christmas Quote. "Big deal," i say, having played the Wiiware version. Then I entered the First Cave. If you're playing the game right now, everything is wintery! Kazuma has a sweater, the First Cave is icy, the bats have little scarfs, the chests are presents, and the Hermit Gunsmith has holiday lights! If you have this game, please check it out! Here's a list of all the other stuff that happens

Mimiga Village

  • Mimiga Village froze over
  • Experience Doritos (my name for them) are now bells
  • The evil door has a wreath
  • Mimigas have sweaters and the like
  • Kanpachi has a candy cane, not a fishing rod
  • the fish has ornaments on it
  • the chains and rooftops have lights
  • Balrog's got misletoe on his head (wouldn't wanna kiss that!)
  • Misery's got a little elf hat
  • the graveyard keeper is Santa!

Egg Corridor

  • the robot in egg corridor is a snowman
  • cthulu is a reindeer
  • missile ammo has ribbons


  • bushlands frozen over too
  • santa IS santa
  • those statues that shoot laser cherios at you are snowmen
  • the rocket is now a sleigh (description: is is some kind of bike?)
  • Malco is a toy solider
  • Booster is an elf

Sand Zone

  • Curly is santa too
  • the colons have reindeer antlers
  • puppies are reindeer
  • Sand Zone has a little bit of snow
  • Jenka has a candycane
  • there are little santa skulls in the sand. How pleasant!
  • Omega is snow-covered
  • The doctor has a present instead of the demon crown on his head (lol)


  • Blocks have icicles on them
  • Gaudis have candycane colored scarfs
  • Dr. Kero looks like a present
  • The Monster X kitty has a sweater and OMFG ITS SO CUTEEEE
  • All the junked robots have christmas decor
  • The....uhh...THINGS the Core shoots are now presents
  • Also I'm going for the Hell ending.


  • Nothing much here, save for a few icicles and wreaths

Last Cave (Hidden)

  • Exp. Dorito Holders are now presents

The rest of the game is normal. Looking at achievements, only 82% of players have gotten the Polar Star.


C'mon, how do you NOT get that? Do you just hit a spike and go "Durr, im never playin this again"?

And thus ends my ramble. Happy Holidays!

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