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    Battle Tactics

    May 1, 2014 by Qq221

    Here you will find tips on battling every enemy and Boss in Cave Story (not counting Wind Fortress) Thus, it will be noted that this may be a spoiler, depending on how far you have made it into the game.

    This page is currently incomplete, but I will be working to finish it.

    Before you can fight at all first you will need to find the Polar Star. Once you do, start taking down your enemies. Even though they are all very weak at this point, you only have 6 health, if you have obtained the Life Capsule, so they do pose a threat.

    These particular bats only fly a fixed distance up and down, regardless of your position, so they are not dangerous. The safest way to take them down is to line up with a point on their flight path, and constantly fire. Th…

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