Sorry I haven't really been around much. Many things have been holding me up: school, working on other wikis. I do intend to come back and continue to work on fixing the articles plus (hopefully) improving the wiki's navigation and better ways of presenting the two translations together when we do go forth with the proposed renames.

I never got around to closing that thread XD which I was hoping to do last month. Unfortunately, not as many users have participated in the discussion as I hoped but it seems as though the decision would be to rename all the pages based on the AG one. Still, you have time to voice your opinion on this matter for the time being.

Midterms are this week, so I probably won't be around much at all. However, I do get a week off after that. Editing Cave Story Wiki is among my mental list of things to do during that week off, so we'll see how that goes!


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