I'm going to assume our categorisation for all items is based on where they are categorised within the game. I might consider writing just general articles about each category. There is already a page for Enemies, for example, but it just lists each enemy.

Arguably I think some bosses in Cave Story do not have health metres and are defined by the necessity to defeat them once the player has started the battle. This would include the Ravil in Grasstown, but I'm up for just using the in-game credits as a basis for categorisation.

Anyways, these are some quick snippets of notes that might come in handy for creating those general sort of articles. Keep in mind that these aren't to be taken as the official definitions, but ones that I have been using to distinguish the categories from one another.

Enemies and bosses

  • Enemies are all listed under "Monsters" in the credits sequence.
    • Usually they have health and can be killed with a weapon.
    • Usually they leave weapon energy, heart pickups or missile ammunition if the player has the missile launcher.
    • Usually they are living or appear to have life-like characteristics (facial features)
  • Bosses are all listed under "Bosses" in the credits sequence.
    • Usually they have a "Boss" health metre.
    • Usually they require the player to defeat them once the battle has started. Some boss fights are optional, but once the player is in one, they can't proceed (aside from restarting) unless they defeat the boss.
    • Bosses tend to have a more complex attack pattern than enemies and sometimes have more than one form.


  • Basically anything the player can hold in the inventory
    • Weapons are considered a more specific type of item and are listed under "Arms" within the inventory.

Interactive objects

This is more of a category my home wiki used to characterise any object that has an effect on the player or player's character or the player/their character can affect this object. This could be something like opening a chest gives the player an item, or the fact that Quote can ride on fans. It probably overlaps with Items, Weapons and Hazards - in fact these things can be considered a more specific category within "interactive objects". My home wiki used this for objects that didn't fit into Items, Weapons and Hazards.


Often an expansive setting that contains multiple "hubs" and usually has its own distinguished music. The difference between it and "sublocations" is a bit blurry at the moment, but the plan is that sublocations are found within a more major location. It works for most places except maybe the Storehouse. We'll see.

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