Okay, I said last week that I would start renaming pages this week, so here goes!

Redirects should be placed from the NiCALis translation linking to the AG, unless the item is exclusive to a NiCALis port.

I might set up a Project namespace page for this later, but for now, we'll have to make do with this rushed blog post listing all names that would fall under this category so that in the case the pages need to be renamed again, no one has to go through as much trouble to look them all up.

I also plan on creating templates based on each location, so that I can transclude the location category in them. This should make it easier to edit one template and change the category name within it rather than having to edit every page within a double name category.

Here's a quick list (maybe I'll add more later, but in case I forget):

I could've sworn Kulala and the Shovel Brigade had alternate translation names, but I do not know what they are. For now I will rename these and hopefully iron out the details tomorrow; it's getting really late.

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