Yamashita Farm (山下農園 Yamashita Nouen) is a flower farm found above the save point room in Mimiga Village. Flowers that grow in Yamashita Farm are the main food source for the Mimiga, and they are watched over by the farmer.

Layout Edit

The farm has an uneven slope with multiple white, yellow and blue flowers growing among some green grass. A sprinkler is found among the flowers, actively spraying water. The slope leads to a ledge with a pool of water. Near the exit, above the start of the slope's incline, hovers a flat platform with an overhead.

Events Edit

  • If the player takes Quote to the pool when they first visit Yamashita Farm, they will find a Life Capsule submerged in the water. Collecting it increases Quote's health by 3.
  • When Quote interacts with Sandaime, the Mimiga tending to the flowers, he tells Quote some information about the farm. Sandaime also informs the player that red flowers are deadly but the farm does not have any growing around.
  • By editing the Yamashita Farm map, the player can remove a tile below the Life Capsule to uncover the Beast Fang.

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